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Buy Clash of Clans Clans - CoC Clan Trading

A soldier needs an army to fight with, and a CoC player needs a Clan to survive with. But what if one's clan is as dead as an ancient dynasty and is cursed by enemy spells? What if they are facing an epic war and their defenses aren't up to snuff? These days, players can hardly count on just Gems.

The phenomenal mobile game, which was released in 2012, provides its players the opportunity to build their own towns in a world of magical fantasies and savage armies. Having a huge player community that is soaring above 100 million, the game needs strategy and patience to succeed. And of course, gems. Lots of them.

What Are Gems in Clash of Clans?

Gems are the premium in-game currency in Clash of Clans that can be used by players to purchase items, resources, boost barracks, and many more. They can also use gems to skip timers when it comes to building a Home Village or a Builder Base. Overall, gems have all sorts of uses, which is why so many players want to have a lot of them in their currency pouch at all times. Players can usually earn gems by simply playing the game, or more specifically, finishing quests and daily missions. Although Clash of Clans doesn't give a lot of gems to its players, there is always the option for those folks to get the currency by using real money instead.

Spending Gems Wisely

Since gems are treated as a special currency in the game, it's not easily given out to players for free. In fact, one could say that gems can be used to purchase almost anything that a player could ever want in the game. Whether that be more resources, faster unit production, or instant building completion, players can upgrade their base in no time if they have enough gems and money for it. However, the sad truth is that they only get to receive a small number of free gems each week, which is why CoC players need to keep in mind how to spend them as efficiently as possible.
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