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Buy RS3 Items, Party Hat

Runescape items are as varied as the world of Gielnor itself and there are tens of thousands of them. Every item in RS3 can be identified by it’s graphics and name. Some are tradeable between players, thus you can find them among Runescape items for sale, however some aren’t. Some are equippable, while others are not and value of items differs based on the economic principles of supply and demand.

RS Items which are difficult to obtain, while having widespread uses, like high combat stats, ability to unlock new content or increase the speed at which you train your skills are of course naturally valuable. Same logic applies to items which are not obtainable anymore in the game and thus become more and more rare over time. We will look at both of these categories of items in more detail.

Buy Rare And Discontinued Runescape Items

Over the years, many items in Runescape have been discontinued, these include Christmas Crackers, White, Green, Yellow, Red, Purple and Blue Partyhats, Pumpkins, Easter Eggs, Red, Blue and Green Hallowe’en Masks, Santa Hats and Black Santa Hats, Christmas Tree Hats, Christmas Scythes, Holly Wreaths, Disks of Returning, Half Full Wine Jugs as well as various tokens such as Gem Cape token, Gem Sack token, Zombie Walk override token, Assassin Walk override token, Plague Doctor override token and lots of others.

All of these items don’t have fantastic combat stats or any use in the game at all by now, but are valuable by the virtue of their rarity and thus are desirable as an investment, display of wealth or niche character customization choice together with tremendously rare, but still obtainable customization items found as rewards for completing Treasure Trails clues such as Barrows Dye, Blood Dye, Shadow Dye, Third Age Dye, Ice Dye as well as Second-Age set pieces.

Truly expensive, useful and sought-after are the Hero items in RS3. These include Hazelmere’s Signet Ring, Orlando Smith’s Hat, Tavia’s Fishing Rod and Guildmaster Tony’s Mattock. Hazelmere’s Ring increases drop chances of many rare items across Gielnor, provides a chance to double the item drop, contains excellent combat stats as well as containing lots of other luck-related features. Orlando Smith’s Hat gives a chance for Treasure Trail reward caskets to grant another casket of the tier below. Tavia’s Fishing Rod increases Fishing skill success rate by 10% as well as giving a chance to provide all Deep Sea Fishing boosts, while Tony’s Mattock grants a chance to immediately discover an artifact and possibility of yielding additional material while training Archeology.

Now, whether you’re looking for Runescape Partyhat for sale, desire greater customization of your character with the help of dyes and tokens or want to get your hands on one of the Hero items, MMOSWAP has got it all and at excellent prices and all these goods are just a click away!

Runescape Equipment For Sale

A large part of the game, especially when it comes to combat content revolves around the items you equip. Better RS gear will allow you to take on more challenging content, complete difficult quests and combat ever more powerful bosses. Your combat levels will define which items you are capable of equipping. You will need a high Defence level to equip the best armour and high levels in your choice of combat skill (Attack, Ranged or Magic) when it comes to the most powerful weapons in Runescape.

Some of the strongest weapons in the game include the Noxious weaponry, a set of 3 different weapons, the Noxious Scythe, Noxious Longbow and Noxious Staff, each requiring level 90 in their respective combat skill and level 90 Crafting to create, on top of that, to obtain the items necessary to craft them, you would need to battle Araxxor/Araxxi countless of times, which is anything but a walk in the park.

Then there are even more exclusive and powerful weapons, for melee these include Khopesh of Tumeken, Khopesh of Elidinis and Zaros Godsword, all named after Gods in the game and requiring Attack level of 92 to wield. Former two are created with level 92 Crafting by blessing Khopesh of the Kharidian and it’s off-hand version respectively with Blessings of the Sky, Sand and Sea. Sounds simple enough? Think again. Every blessing requires 100 Scaps of Scripture to create. You can obtain on average around 10 of these Scraps every time you break open a phylactery which can only be obtained as an uncommon drop from the Magister. The Magister is one of the most powerful solo bosses in the game. Just to be able to challenge him you would need a whopping Slayer level of 115. Meanwhile, Khopesh of the Kharidian is obtained only as extremely rare drop within Sophanem Slayer Dungeon, which is known to contain large variety of very high level Slayer creatures, while the off-hand version can be obtained as a rare drop from chests in Shifting Tombs minigame.

Obtaining the Zaros Godsword is more straightforward, but by no means easier. All the items you need to create it can be obtained from Telos, the Warden, who just so happens to be the toughest solo boss in the game. Conveniently, he’s the boss to go to should you wish to create Seren Godbow or Staff of Sliske as well.

Prime alternative for the Seren Godbow when it comes to Gielnorians with level 92 Ranged or more is the Eldritch Crossbow, created with 96 Fletching from separate parts which are rarely dropped by The Ambassador, final boss of the third Elite Dungeon, The Shadow Reef.

Besides the Staff of Sliske, players with at least level 92 Magic are capable of equipping Wand of the Praesul and Imperium Core, both are very rare drops from Nex: Angel of Death, which, contrary to Telos, is a boss fought against by multiple players, as up to 50 are able to join.

When it comes to armour in Runescape, you can choose between tank and power armour. Tank armour provides a life point bonus, grants more armour bonuses and reduces damage received during combat in PvM, while power armour gives players a damage bonus.

The best tank armour for Melee, Ranged and Magic, the Teralith, Tempest and Primeval equipment respectively, as well as Achto versions of it can all be obtained in the Mazcab overworld. Meanwhile, when it comes to power armour, the most powerful sets are acquired differently, depending on your combat style.

Melee users would need a lot of patience and 99 Smithing level to get the Trimmed Masterwork equipment. It requires you to create a full set of Elder Rune +5 gear as a prerequisite, but that’s just the easy part. For a full Trimmed Masterwork set you will need 12 Masterwork trims and a set of Masterwork gear which can be created through a tedious process involving many hours of smithing which you can find here. Masterwork trims are obtained by smithing together an elder rune bar, malevolent and praesulic essences. These essences are obtained by melting Malevolent and Torva armour pieces which are obtained with the help of Rise of the Six minigame and Nex boss respectively.

Elite Sirenic armour – which is certainly the most elite for ranged players is created by crafting Sirenic armour together with Ancient Scales, a drop from Seiryu, the final boss of the first Elite Dungeon, Temple of Aminishi as well as some Algarum Thread and Chaotic Spikes.

The best in line for magicians, Elite Tectonic armour is produced by enhancing Tectonic armour with Draconic Energies, dropped by the boss of the second Elite Dungeon, Black Stone Dragon together with several Stones of Binding and a Chaotic Remnant.

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Sell Runescape Items on MMOSWAP

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