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The first playthrough of Elden Ring is the most difficult, players start with few items, low stats, and are told vaguely: just go kill some Gods. For this reason, the initial hours of the game can be an absolute slog. For those who would rather start with NG+, armed with a strong array of weapons, spells, and armor, players can buy an Elden Ring Account with all the bells and whistles needed to get rid of the frustration and get straight to the fun.

Buy Elden Ring Accounts and Start the Game with NG+

Like the previous Soulsborne games, the first playthrough is a unique experience and one that’s not for everyone. Especially for those going in blind, it can be a frustrating mess as players stumble under-leveled into endgame areas (ahem, Sellia Crystal Tunnel) or run into dead ends where the next step is indecipherable. In those circumstances, it might be better to approach the game more prudently and simply start at NG+1 with all the best weapons, armors, talismans, and spirit summons available from the beginning. In that case, the best option is to browse Elden Ring Account offers from trusted sellers, which will have all the tools a new player needs to get through the game frustration-free.

What Can Buyers Expect from an NG+ Account?

If a player purchases an account that has reached NG+ or is at the end of the game, here is what carries over to the next playthrough; credit to Gamespot for the list:

Incantations and Sorceries
Most consumable items
Boss Rememberance items
Flask levels
Map progress
The most important of these are Armors, Weapons, and Spells, which will give immediate access to various builds right from the start of the game. With specific builds, the progression system is slow and backloaded, meaning players won’t have access to their favorite toys until close to the end of the game when it’s too late and too close to the end to enjoy them truly.

What’s the point of making a build around Marika’s Hammer, as cool as it is since you get it for literally beating the game and after the end credits? By purchasing an account and starting the game at NG+, players can begin experimenting right away. Why not design a build around the exclusive use of Elden Stars, Power-stancing Radahn’s Greatsword, or dual-wielding great shields? These are just a few things buyers can try on an NG+ account.

Moreover, and arguably more helpful, the entire map (if it was explored in the first playthrough) is revealed in NG+, new players will no longer have to stumble around in the dark and can identify points of interest while still maintaining a sense of exploration since there aren’t map markers (at least of the traditional sort) in Elden Ring.

Why Buy Elden Ring Accounts for Sale?

Apart from NG+, another reason to browse Elden Ring Account offers is if players are exclusively interested in PvP. It can be frustrating being forced to learn boss movesets and rotations for hours on end if their focus is simply making a good PvP build. For many players, Soulsborne PvP is the endgame and for those players, it is a good idea to simply skip the PvE progression by purchasing an account with everything needed for the build you have in mind. After all, there’s no reason to struggle through Margit, Godrick, and Renala if all that’s needed for a PvP build is a Moonlight Veil or Guardian Swordspear. Simply find an account at the desired level with the appropriate items.

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