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Fortnite Save The World is a lot of fun! However, it's even more fun when you have everything you need to dive right into some intense gameplay without having to spend countless hours grinding. Save The World is a fun PvE game mode that has players completing missions, killing zombies, crafting Fortnite weapons, modded guns and Fortnite traps as well as trading any items they come across. Depending on your preferred playstyle and how much time you have to dedicate to the game, you might find yourself unable to do all of these activities.

Do you just want to kill some monsters but are running low on Fortnite materials to craft items? Do you need more modded guns? Legendary items like Water Jacko, Sunbream Crystal and Nocturno? If the answer is yes, then this Fortnite item shop is the right place.

Buy Fortnite Modded Guns

Fortnite's Save the World PvE mode sports 6 rarity types when it comes to weapons. There are Handmade, Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and of course, Legendary. Having a super rare weapon doesn't necessarily mean the weapon performs better in combat, although this is often the case. As well as 6 rarity types, there are also 6 classes of weapon. These weapon classes will be familiar to anyone who has played shooter games in the past. There are Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles, Pistols, Shotguns, Explosive Weapons, Modded Guns and Melee Weapons in Fortnite. Different weapons are great at helping you excel in different situations in the game. To truly dominate, you want to be skilled in all weapons so you can adapt to your surroundings. However, when it comes to shooting, we all have preferences for certain gun types. No matter what your preference is, you can find your favorite Fortnite weapons here. For example, the Siegebreaker is an excellent medium to close range assault rifle that's very popular with Fortnite players. Siegebreaker is a Legendary weapon with a high fire rate and sports a good damage per shot - great for killing zombies. It's also durable and incredibly versatile. Although it excels at close to mid-range, the range is also competitive enough to allow players to win long-range fights. You can also buy the Founders Pack skins available for all of the popular weapons, like the Nocturno skin, Water Jacko, Sunbream Crystal right from us. Other popular and highly powerful Assault Rifles or LMGs include Wraith, Pain Train, Mercury LMG, and Hacksaw.

For Fortnite SMGs, the best weapons are Silenced Specter, Blastotron Mini, Hemlock, and Bobcat. We'll also give Typewriter, Viper, and Ratatat an honorable mention here because they are fun to use.

For Fortnite Pistols, Last Word, Ginger Blaster, Plasmatron, Jack's Revenge, and Founder's Revolt are all great options for players. Players who prefer a sniper playstyle also have great options with Boom Bow, Obliterator, and Crankshot, among others.

Melee players get powerful results from using Spectral Blade, Stabsworth, Lead Sled, Smasher Basher, Stream Thrasher, Earsplitter, and more.

Some weapons are also rare because they were part of time-limited events and are no longer available in the game, like the Snowball Launcher. If you missed your shot at getting this weapon, you can buy a Snowball Launcher here.

Buy Fortnite Traps

As one of the core mechanics of the game, Traps can make or break your success. The best Traps in the game are generally considered to be Wooden Floor Spikes, Wall Launchers, and Ceiling Gas Traps. However, depending on your strategy and playstyle, all traps can have insane utility in the right hands. This is why Tar Pits, Broadsides, Wall Dynamos, and Floor Freeze Traps are also great options.

Buy Fortnite Materials

Farming for materials in Fortnite can be a huge time sink! The internet is littered with forum posts with players asking how they can get materials easier and faster. The most straightforward answer to this question is you can simply buy them and save yourself the grind.

You need materials to build, and you need a lot of them. If you're caught without enough materials in Fortnite, you're in for a bad time. This is why we offer a cheap and efficient way to get an abundance of materials. You can get Copper Ore, Sunbeam Crystals, Silver Ore, Brightcore Ore, and even rarer materials like Active Powercells.

As you can see there is a massive variety of Fortnite items for sale and you can get whichever you want, whenever you want it!

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