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Warframe Items for Sale - Warframe Item Marketplace

Load up, Tenno! There's always a great selection of items in the Warframe marketplace. Players can choose to get Warframe prime sets (blueprints), credits and mods, as well as weapons and components to complete whatever they are trying to craft. With Angels of Zariman, players can now purchase Evolving Weapons, the new Gyre Warframe, as well as furniture and items for an all new space apartment.

Buy Warframe Primes, Mods, and Credits

Tired of waiting for Alerts just for a chance to get the Prime Blueprints? Or wondering where to buy blueprints? Are you always unlucky when it comes to getting mods from survival maps? Want Warframe Prime Sets but would rather skip the grind to get them? If yes, then it's highly recommended to at least check out the Warframe market and see the rarest mods and Warframe items in just a few clicks. Here are a few most popular ones:

Trinity PrimeRevenant PrimeValkyr PrimeNekros PrimeVauban PrimeFrost PrimeVolt PrimeLimbo PrimeTitania PrimeAll Prime Warframes
Before trading, however, a player's frame must be at least at mastery rank 2 to unlock trading. Another requirement would be 10,000 credits (for primed mods this might go up to a million credits).

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