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Buy Fallout 76 Accounts - FO76 Account Shop

Trade for a Fallout 76 account, and start your wasteland adventure with advantages you won't have anywhere else! From extra caps to good equipment, you'll have all you need to start out strong and survive in the danger-ridden post-apocalyptic America. Take care in your travels, Vault Dweller!

Where to Buy Fallout 76 Accounts?

Buying will ultimately depend on your preference. Your local game stores carry physical copies if you like those. Amazon also sells the game, both digital and physical versions. PS4 and Xbox One users can buy and download it from their respective online stores. Lastly, you may also get the game through Bethesda's site and Humble Bundle.

There might be restrictions on your country for some of these sites, so just pick from what's available. Alternatively, just select a Fallout 76 account on this page for a smooth kickoff, with full access and changeable email.
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